Dream in the Sand
Titanium Blue Israel:Hublot Classic Fusion for the 70 Anniversary of The State of Israel

Life is more vibrant than imagination.

A brave soul, with a bold idea, hurls himself into the world of the watchmaking. Blessed with success, he realizes, within months, his dream project with a world famous Swiss Brand. Mikhail Goncharov reveals the exciting journey through an interview with Alexander Rubinchik, the founder of the Titanium Blue Israel: Hublot Classic Fusion for the 70 Anniversary of the State Of Israel.

So, meet Alexander Rubinchik, 33 years old. Lively, athletic, and energetic, Rubinchik's age could easily be confused by his grey-hair (a logical, biological conclusion to a life of serving in Special Forces and working in business). Arriving in Israel at the tender age of six, Rubinchik grew up like any other Russian immigrant from the USSR. Loyal to his land, Rubinchik served in the IDF Paratroopers as the senior sergeant and commander. He followed the IDF with the University of Jerusalem (HUJI) and continued his education in the US at Brandeis University and Temple University. As a result, Rubinchik holds five unique degrees: political science, history, philosophy, MBA, and real estate.

Sasha, how did you come to the watch idea?

About 20 years ago, as a highschool student, I saw the Jubilee model of Breitling for the 50th anniversary of Israel. At the time, obtaining a watch of such prestige, for me, was fictional-- yet, I really wanted a Breitling, Jubilee edition. A couple of years later, my father gifted me a Breitling, which, quite quickly, began to live a life of its own and showed the wrong time-- it turned out to be a fake... I realized that if I wanted such a watch, I would need to make it myself. Four years ago, I realized a plan and dedicated all my available time to this direction, namely to release the watch before the 70th Anniversary of Israel. The finished design of the watch became adored by many people, who immediately expressed their desire to purchase this watch as soon as it saw production.

Why is 70 years important?
First, the number seven, in Judaism, has a deep meaning. Secondly, seven decades for the country is an important milestone. I consider this date to be a landmark for Israel. Over the years, the state achieved the impossible; it defended its independence and the right to life and has developed economically, from a poor agrarian country to becoming a high-tech center, a "nation of start-ups."And this date is perfect to celebrate it with such a unique souvenir with our limited edition watch!
Tell me, why was Hublot selected for the Pride of Israel project?
I will not hide the truth-- I negotiated with several famous brands. But it was with the head of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, that we quickly found mutual understanding.

You understood from the very beginning that not everyone would like your project?
Of course! Our whole team understood this. Our task was not, in any way, an attempt to tease someone and we did not to intend to facilitate irritation and discontent. It's our pride and is done in honor of the great event in our history. It's a pure niche project, and, for that reason, we did not seek mass advertising. I mean, in truth, the product sells itself.

What were the difficulties in the work?
I will not hide it; there were many difficulties. Starting with the coordination of the details of the design of the watch itself. I really wanted a metal made back cover of the case (versus Sapphire glass in the base model), clearly imagined it's engraving, and the brand initially did not agree with this. A mechanism with a reverse stroke of the arrows was also proposed. In the end, we did not support this idea. Although Hublot has already developed such caliber, our model does not possess this. There were difficulties with the symbolism. The fact is that in Israel it is forbidden to place state symbols for commercial purposes, and it was not easy for us to bypass this law.

Well, a lot more... Even the color of the dial and the strap -- one of the colors of the flag of Israel, we specifically agreed with Hublot (in no other models such a dial and strap colors are used), with the color shade strictly aligned with the flag the national team of Israel at the Olympic Games, this also required agreement. Nevertheless, the watch is released, took a worthy place in the brand line, and each model is accompanied by a Hublot license number, endorsed on a certificate by Ricardo Guadalupe and Jean-Claude Biver.

And how do you feel now? Are you happy?
Yes. Very happy. I expected the watch to be interesting. But that it would be accompanied with such a hype? No. We do not have time to receive the watch from the factory and deliver it to customers! In the first two weeks, 50% of the amount of Titanium Blue Israel were sold and delivered.

Will this project have further development?
I'm not a watchmaker, so I'm not planning any other projects and/or a separate brands, but I do not know. For example, we have many requests for a female version of the watch. We will see.

Perhaps, after all, to produce more watches in Titanium?
Of course not. We will not deviate from the original idea of a strictly limited edition. Let it be only 70 people. We are ready to share with them our pride and luck.

Sasha, good luck to you!

Thanks, we all the same to you.

Author: Mikhail Goncharov
Published at: mywatch.ru
Published on July 28TH, 2018
Actually, I, having communicated my entire life with several watchmakers, was struck by the acquaintance with this project. On the one hand, everything is simple. A man came up with an idea, design it into an excellent product, and bring it to a real release, and with a high-end brand. And on the other hand, so many difficulties plagued us it: the stages of approvals, the search for investors, and other important decisions. In one famous song, there are uneasy words "... from those countries where the shards of dreams are trampled in the sand ...". And here is just the opposite case - where the dream is excavated from the sand.

Titanium Blue Israel , Hublot Classic Fusion for the 70 anniversary of Israel

Ref. 511.NX.7170.LR.ISL18.
Case: 45 mm of titanium, height 10.95 mm, sapphire crystal, engraving and individual number on the back cover, WR 50 meters.
Case: automatic caliber HUB1112, working frequency of balance 28 800 pc / h, power reserve 42 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, central second hand, date.
Dial: blue.
Strap: blue crocodile leather with rubber lining.
Limit: 70 copies.
For sales and questions please contact us
Phone: +1.857.499.4494
E-mail: alexander@prideisrael.com