The Design
Titanium Blue Israel
It took 50 months of work, 40 designs, 16 manufacturers, 10's of flights, 100's of meetings, and a nucleus team of three people, two investors and one designer to create the complete design of the watch, and consequently bring to life those 70 unique and very special Hublot CLASSIC FUSION TITANIUM BLUE ISRAEL

The Talmud asks: Why is blue different from all other colors?"

"Because blue resembles the sea, and the sea resembles sky, and the sky resembles God's Throne of Glory…as it is written: 'Above the sky over their heads was the semblance of a throne, like a sapphire in appearance…'". From Israel's flag to Israeli Hublot Classic Fusion Watch dial and strap, blue showcases the glory.
The Temple used gold, silver, and copper. Why does it need the stones of the earth? Its purpose is to serve our purpose. While it's incredibly difficult to work with Titanium (Ti), its outstanding properties of strength, resilience, and lightweight affirms the effort. The ultimate choice to celebrate Israel's 70th anniversary--a super metal for super State.
The Hebrew alphabet contains within it the secrets of Creation. The first Twelve correspond to the Twelves tribes of Israel; integration within diversity. Hebrew Alphabet on the Hublot Classic Fusion is a seamless integration of sacred values and art--a perfect fusion.
The six corners correspond to the six directions. Our pride, for Israel, permeates all those six. Moreover, six is divisible by both odd and even numbers, indicating a sui generis harmony. It was seamless on King David's shield and it remains seamless on the backplate of the Special Limited Edition of Hublot Classic Fusion for the 70th Anniversary of The State of Israel.
For 70 years, against all odds, the Jewish state lives. In 1948, we established the land. By 2018, we beautified it.
‏עם‏ ‏ישראל‏ ‏חי
For more than 3,000 years, the Jewish people survive. Through laughter and pain, through faith and struggle, through light and darkness, we remain. With ancient roots, a widely diverse population, and a "can do" attitude, the Jewish people, with G-d's help, proudly built Israel, our rightful home.

The Torah indicates that the nations of Noah, the people of our world, are divisible into 70 nations. Likewise, the Torah offers that the Jewish people's purpose rests in the spreading goodness and morality, to be "a light among nations." Enter Israel. A leader in all fields, Israel actively utilizes its gifts for the purpose of good, a fusion of both morality and science.

Olive branches represent peace. Given its values, the symbol is used in Israel's Coat of Arms, to express patience, and accord, the wish of The State of Israel to itself and the world.
The box was designed to reflect the design elements of the backplate of the Hublot Titanium Blue Israel:

Star Of David, 1948-2018, Am Yisrael Chai, 70 and the Olive Branches.

To the design on the box we added a draw of The Western Wall which seamlessly represent the role, value and meaning of the capital city of Israel: Jerusalem.
With great design concept comes great responsibility to execute and deliver from
draws to product. The ultimate execution of Pride Of Israel design project comes to life with the;

Titanium Blue Israel

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