The Meaning of Hebrew Numerals
The system of Hebrew numerals is a quasi-decimal alphabetic numeral system using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. ... The current numeral system is also known as the Hebrew alphabetic numerals to contrast with earlier systems of writing numerals used in classical antiquity.
The one people, the Jews, introduced the one G-d (monotheism) into the world
These one people unite with the one G-d through the one Torah
And, in truth, all G-d, the Torah, and the Jewish people are inseparable; they are all one

The Ten Commandments were given on Two Tablets
One tablet expressed rules between G-d and man
The other contained the commandments between man and man
Two realities: the Divine and the Mundane
Our goal is to bring true unity: harmony in diversity, melding of two worlds into one

We are descended from the three Patriarchs
Abraham, who represents Kindness
Yitzhak, who represents Strength
Yaakov, who represents Harmony
Three traits of the emotional nature
Three ways to master our emotional intelligence and truly live a life of completeness

We are descended from the four Matriarchs
Sarah, who represents Progress
Rivka, who represents Bravery
Leah, who represents connection to the Divine
Rachel, who represents Sacrifice
We inherited these four qualities
We will use these four for good

Five Books of the Torah
Bereshis, the book of Creation and our forefathers
Shemos, the book of Liberation
Vayikra, the book of our Laws
Bamidbar, the book of the Spiritual Journey in the Desert
Devarim, the book of the Reminder
With these five books, we travel, from creation to the now,
A quest to find our true selves within this world

Six Orders of the Mishna
Since the Giving of the Torah, the Oral Torah transmittance relied on our memories and tradition
The Exile scattered us apart and the fear of forgetting our Laws forced a written edition
Six Orders:
They encompass our lives
And our dedication to them, despite their irrationality, results in ego-death
A true transcendence

Creation spanned a week
Six days of work, one day of rest
Together seven days
Seven steps to a life of Completeness
We create the Vessel for six days
And let G-d fill it on the seventh
Thus, the seven represents the most important: our partnership with G-d

On the eighth day is circumcision
It inscribes, in our flesh, the truth of who we are
An inerasable mark that remains through time
Through delight and pain, through sin and benefice, through times of good and bad
No matter who you are
Or what you do
The sign remains: you are a Jew

Nine months of pregnancy
Nine months for the completion of the greatest wonder
A marvel surpassing all understanding
A Child
A new life
A Hope for a better world

The Ten Commandments are axioms of modern morality
The apply ubiquitously and eternally
In the home
At work
In the synagogue
No place devoid of the infinite wisdom vested in the commandments

Eleven stars appeared in Yosef's dream
The stars accentuate a Talmudic phrase
"The stars do not control the fate of the Jews"
We are not bound by fate
We create it

Twelve Tribes of the Jewish people
Twelve unique paths to the realization of our nation's potential
Everything from the Kohanim, the priests serving the Temple
To Zebulun, the merchants of Israel
All roles suited to change the world for the good
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